What? Oh me? I'm just your average internet enthusiast who makes memes and stuff. I'm quite a hobbyist jumping left and right just to enjoy the moment, you could say I like too many things.

The name "Kohilenn" comes from LLENN (Sword Art Online) herself, from her real persona name (which is Kohiruimaki Karen) and her username. Meekanon comes from the names of Mika (Girls und Panzer) and Nonon Jakuzure (Kill la Kill).

Stoodell? Who again? Ahh, right. Stoodell is somewhere out there, sometimes helps me edit videos, sometimes is a World War 2 British battleship. Their name was a combination of Rory Mercury (GATE) and Sinon (Sword Art Online). I noe, it doesn't make any sense!

Check my setup and camera gear here!

Figure Photography Inspirations

Some of their pages could be NSFW!

You can contact me through Discord, Twitter, or Email which can be found on the Meekanon YT.